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Why ReInvent

We offer the best Infrastructure to ensure our developers work in a safe and healthy environment resulting in helping our clients to get the best service. As we firmly believe that the atmosphere they work in has great effect on their work.

  • Strategically located in an IT Park in the heart of Pune (the next Silicon Valley of India).
  • Redundant and load balanced Internet links
  • High-end server infrastructure
  • Microsoft Linux and RTOS based development platforms
  • State-of-the-art test, development labs to accommodate people.

ReInvent offers a better solution to all it patrons and offer the following competitive advantages due to its improvised model and experience working with its global customers. The advantages are :- 

Cost Effective : (Walk to success with us): We strongly believe in long-term bonds rather than short-term gains. We offer competitive prices to our clients so as to build a strong relationship with each client
Open to Price and Payment Terms : Unlike other service providers, we are always open to price and payment terms with our clients as we work with mutual bonding rather than being stringent. Hence, we are very flexible with price and payment terms.*Condition apply
Superfast Turnaround Time : Our offshore delivery model. Our organization has unique set of frame work activities for the software process. We populate each framework activity with a set of software engineering action and each action in terms of task set that identifies the work to be accomplished to meet the development goal.
Great Customer Care and Excellent Communication Level with the Client throughout the Project : Project Managers and Project delivery Managers are continuously available on phones and chat 12 hours a day from Monday through Friday. Response to any technical problems within 24 hours and Demo link for clients to track progress on a regular basis.
Excellent Product Delivery : We have domain expertise team working with us who are overall managed by extremely talented Project Managers and Project Delivery Manager.
Documentation : All your needs will be documented so we are all on the same page.
Security of your Data: Ensure security of your data at every level its handled. We get all our employees to sign NDA for each project they work upon separately with us as a standard process.
Process & Policies :- We follow right set of policies and process not only for development of your project but also in our day to day activities in all the departments.

Client Focus - We are a purpose-built organization. We ensure that we understand our clients’ needs and deliver solutions that best meet their requirements.
Domain Experts - Our extensive experience across industry verticals and domain expertise ensures creating solutions with business benefits to the clients.
Process Oriented - Our time-to-market and project execution approach has significant depth in terms of the domain expertise. We understand our customers’ business value chain, inherent dynamics and the business barometer. This enables us to partner with our customers and provide them end-to-end business solutions powered by the software Sys, which also helps them improve the business processes. Shared Belief of Stakeholder Responsiveness Organization-wide the matured development processes and the unique delivery models at ReInvent stand on the foundation powered by our core of operational excellence, which truly encapsulates the stakeholder responsiveness.

We offer you knowledge base & training to be familiar with most of the software features and have got answers of your queries.

The technical support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The technical department will provide you the best guiding principle for your problems and queries.

We believe in the best… Best Graphics and Strongest software engineering involved but easiest user friendly interface & experience (UI/UX).

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Dynamic CMS Websites
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E-commerce Websites

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Tailor Made Solutions

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